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Mysore Trip: Musical Night at Brindavan Gardens

In the last post, you read about my trip to Mysore Palace and i do hope that you would have liked reading my travel account on picturesque and imposing palace. During third day of our stay in Mysore, the official work kept us busy whole day and we were too exhausted to venture out of our hotel rooms.  

Next day was reserved for field visit and we planned that after field visit, if time permits, we will travel to Brindavan Gardens-aka-Krishnarajasagar Dam, an architectural marvel  of South India. 

Early morning, we left for H D Kote, a place around 50-55 km away from Mysore and venue of our field visit, where we visited some villages and interacted with villagers, especially rural women to peek into their daily lives, as part of our field visit. The idea was to know, how rural women residing in remote areas were eking out a living by coming together to form a Self-help group and whether they were happy with the outcome of their joint efforts to attain prosperity. We were happy to see enthusiastic faces and hear them telling their success stories.It was heartening to observe that how a small group of rural and mostly illiterate women could prosper by adopting various livelihood activities with little financial support and hand holding by Government agencies. In rural India, driving auto and taxi for earning livelihood may be a liberating experience for a woman and it was satisfying to note that many women were driving vehicles in their villages and nearby places itself, as their income generating activities. We visited some other SHG members too and got to know the similar stories.

Before, i get completely derailed, let's come back on the track and come along on the journey of the ethereal Brindavan Gardens.While returning from H D Kote, we headed towards Brindavan Gardens. It was one and half hours drive and we reached there by 4:30 in the evening. The garden is near Krishnarajasagar Dam, which is built across Cauvery river, one of the major rivers of Southern India. The garden is around 18 km away from Mysore city and around 145 km from Bangalore.

After reaching there, we purchased entry tickets for Rs. 15/- per person and joined the heavy crowd rushing towards the largest attraction of the garden, i.e. Musical Fountain show. The show was to start on 06:30 PM and we had some time with us, hence we decided to enjoy boat ride. After our brief stint with boating, we also rushed towards the venue of musical fountain. There were many fountains along the way illuminating in colorful lights. And finally there we were, in front of dancing waters. A huge crowd was there, some sitting on terraced slabs and some latecomers like us, were standing to catch a glimpse of the musical magic unfolding before our eyes. The atmosphere was electrifying and audience was cheering constantly in appreciation of the wonderful synchronization of light, music and water. Some popular bollywood songs such as "Dhoom Macha Le" and kannada songs sung by S P Bala subramanyam were being played. It was quite an experience. Anybody travelling to Mysore, must visit Brindavan Gardens.

Brindavan Garden, Mysore

                                                      Musical Fountains                                                      

                                    Vibrant Colours at Brindavan Garden                            

                                                              Fountain at Brindavan Garden                                              courtesy :

About Brindavan Gardens 

Brindavan Garden is one of the most beautiful terrace gardens in the world. The idea of creation of Brindavan Gardens at the site of Krishnarajasagar (KRS) Dam was of Sir Mirja Ismail, then Diwan of Mysore State. The whole dam complex has been beautified on the lines of Shalimar Gardens of Kashmir. The KRS dam was built by Chief Engineer of Princely state of Mysore, Sir M Visweshwaraih in 1924 and the beautification of dam was started in 1927. The garden is spread over an area of 60 acres and it is laid out in the three terraces. The slopes are planted with colourful Bougainvilleas and ornamental plants. The garden is enriched with innumerable fountains decorated with colored lighting. The illuminated running waters and fountains with changing colours of lights is an event that the tourists must see in the evenings. The garden has many open spaces, lawns, illuminated flower beds and ornamental plants. It also has well laid out roads and pathways. The boating pond in the midst of the garden is a location where the visitors can enjoy a boat ride. The whole garden when illuminated is an enchanting site to see.

The Musical and dancing fountain, is the main attraction of the visitors. The water, coloured light and music are harmonized in the fountain to create a water ballet.

Garden opens for public from 06:00 am to 08:00 PM on week days, while Musical Fountain show is held from 06:30 PM to 07:30 PM on week days and from 06:30 PM to 08:30 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

In the next post, my mysore trip will come to an end with the visit to Srirangpatna, the kingdom of Tipu Sultan. If you like reading my post, you may show you love through your comments on my blogpost or on facebook blog page Zindagi Ek safar Hai Suhaana.


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  2. Thanks for sharing this post about Brindavan Garden. Brindavan Gardens are laid out below the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam (known as Kannambadi to the locals), built across the river Cauvery, which itself is a superb example of excellent engineering and is a major tourist attraction. Check out more about Brindavan Gardens, one of the most visited places in Mysore by locals and tourists.