Who am I? Really a tricky question, if one makes it to be. Knowing self may lead one towards self-actualization and lot of soul searching. But, don't worry friends, here, i don't intend to do so, instead i would tell you about me, as others perceive me to be. 

To start with, My name is Amit Kumar. I did my MBA in finance and has been working as a banker for the last 5 years. I always had the inkling that i could express my thoughts and ideas through writing, but never tried my hand in serious writing. I used to get appreciation from my teachers and friends for my limited writing skills and that encouraged me to read literature of Munshi Premchand, Sharat Chandra, Harivansh Rai Bachchan and Charles Dickens to name a few. I believe reading the works of those great writers made me a good reader and i also believe that in order to be a good writer, one must be a good reader. However, i could not pursue writing further. The turning point came, when i got an opportunity to work in Gangtok, Sikkim, a hidden paradise on Earth and a relatively unexplored Himalayan territory. As staying at a tranquil hill station was not enough, i got the precious company of  some avid travelers too, who made sure that i must be a party to their each exploration trip to Sikkim, North Bengal and Bhutan. The eternal beauty of Himalayan Landscapes played the role of catalyst in starting my travelling and writing sojourn. I have developed a new found taste in travelling to new places, meeting new people, observing new cultures and at the same time, sharing my experiences and observations with others. I intend to study about world, but not in a text book, rather by travelling to different parts of India and world. Beside writing my personal blog, i have also written guest blogs on  travel website Ghumakkar.com. 

About the Website

This website is to inspire the non-travelers to start unraveling the joy in travelling, as i got inspired from my colleagues-cum-nomadic travelers during my Sikkim days. The website will provide you useful information about various travel destinations in India to help you plan your tours.

I do hope that you have a good time reading my posts and travelling and discovering new places. For any questions or suggestions, you may contact me. I can be reached using the Contact Me page on my blog.


Amit Kumar

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