Monday, 15 September 2014

Sikkim : The Jewel of Eastern Himalaya Part-I

Sunrise View of Mt. Kanchendzonga
A picture is worth thousand words and sometimes it tells a story, which may be difficult to be described in words as effectively as by a photograph. More so, when one talks about Sikkim, where every moment of life is so picturesque, so beautiful. The panoramic sunrise view of the imposing Mt. Kanchendzonga, the 2nd highest peak of the Himalayas and presiding deity of Sikkimese people, aptly describes the beauty of the place, it literally holds in the lap.

I never thought even in my wildest dreams that i will be able to witness vivid hues and colors of nature in it's glorious best, that too for so long. Then, one day came in my life, when i was presented with the heaven sent opportunity to spend 03 years of my life at Gangtok courtesy my posting by my organization, though i only realized it to be so during later years of my stay. 

As i was to proceed to join my office at Gangtok, my family and friends were worried for me, as they were under the impression that it was going to be a real hardship for me to survive there. However, i somehow knew that the fair amount of anxiety and fear  shown by my loved ones was attributed to Sikkim, being an unknown territory for them including me. One of my friend's mother even went on to the extent of suggesting me to quit the job, if the company does not change my posting (as if getting a new job is so easy). 

Honestly saying, i too had  only a faint idea of the place that it is one of eight states of North-Eastern India. Being a weak student of Geography and not an ardent follower of "Look East Policy" of our Govt. (A lower middle- class Bihari Citizen aspiring to achieve materialistic accomplishments in life, often looks North, i.e. Delhi or Lucknow and West, i.e. Mumbai and other industrial cities), i didn't know the geographical location of Sikkim. 

Then Google came to my rescue and in just a fraction of seconds, the sense of fear and anxiety in my mind was replaced by that of absolute thrill and joy.One interesting thing, i discovered that Gangtok was just 550 Km away from my native place, which i had thought to be in the range of at-least 1500-2000 Km. I tried to convince my parents with renewed vigor that i am going to heavenly abode (not that i was leaving this world or anything like that) which is not far away, but all in vain. I guess, i failed miserably in convincing them, as Google was also a unfamiliar term for my not so internet- friendly parents and there was visible trust deficit and lack of appreciation shown by them for the revered search engine.

Anyhow, leaving those gloomy faces behind, i started for my destination filled with imagination (wings provided by internet) and certain degree of dilemma.

(To be continued......)


  1. Lovely place! I didn't know that such a beautiful place existed in India. Thank you for sharing your story.