Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Sikkim : The Jewel of Eastern Himalaya Part- II

Anyhow, leaving those gloomy faces behind, i started for my destination filled with imagination (wings provided by internet) and certain degree of dilemma.

Reaching to Bagdogra was uneventful and was like any other journey, leaving me alone in my train of thoughts (In order to reach Gangtok, one has to reach New Jalpaiguri (NJP), if travelling by train or Bagdogra Airport, if by flight. From there, taxi or SNT buses will take you to Gangtok in 4 to 5 hours.). 

I only noticed the difference in atmosphere, when  our taxi covered the distance of 25-30 km. on metalled roads of siliguri. Our taxi had suddenly started to move ahead in zig-zag motion along the curves of NH-31 A, which instantly forced us to acknowledge the fact that all beautiful things are not easily accessible. Second difference, which was easily noticeable was that the scorching heat had given way to cool air. 

The journey from Siliguri to Gangtok can be as beautiful as the destination itself, only if one endures the physical pain inflicted by the steep, spiralling and patchy hilly roads and focuses on the scenery the journey offers. 

A fair lady accompanies everybody, who travels to Gangtok by road, without discriminating on any ground. That fair lady is none other than River Tista, which flows along the way and it's green- colored water looks very soothing and pleasant to eyes. The greenery along with the shrubs and floral trees on both side of road makes a very beautiful sight.

Tista River
Coronation Bridge at Sevok, Siliguri
One more interesting thing, which kept us in good humor during the journey, was the sign-boards displaying hillarious one-liners put up by BRO (Border Roads Organisation) along the way. Some examples are given for your entertainment:

Be Gentle on my curves.
Be Mr. Late, not Late Mr.
Mountains are the pleasure, only if you drive with leisure.
Drive; don't fly.
If married, divorce speed.
Don't be Gama in the land of Lama.
Drive on horsepower, not on rumpower.
After Whisky, driving risky.
This is not rally or race, drive with grace.

Appreciating every masterpiece of  God's architecture, we entered Gangtok city limits in the evening and from the outskirts of the city, it looked like a glowing mountain. With in minutes of entering the city area, dazzling lights were welcoming us in the hill city.

As i reached our guesthouse at Gangtok, i was informed that i had to go to M G Marg (Mahatma Gandhi Marg) for dinner, since cook was on leave. May be it was god's wish to add one more glistening feather in my Sikkim's experience of the first day. As i crossed the over-bridge to enter M G Marg, i felt that i was in different world altogether. Walking on empty MG Road flushed with flood-lights and well-decorated shops was a long-lasting experience. 

M. G. Marg at night
To make the experience unique, clouds were also taking a stroll with me and i felt, as if, i was on cloud nine. The first impression of MG Marg had left an indelible imprint on me and for the rest of 3 years, i stayed in Gangtok, i was in awe of the place.

To be Continued....


  1. What a lovely place! Superb description of Gangtok supported by good quality photographs.

  2. Don't be Gama in the land of Lama. Trully Hillarious! Keep it up.

  3. Thanks! Glad you liked my post.

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